About me

I came to Psychedelic Trance at the age of 16 in year 1999.
An amazing time came over the next few years and it would be never stop in this life!

The most important thing for me is…
to listen to some good music, make music and feel happy.
In year 2006 i began mixing electronic music with Pioneer CDJ-100.

Now CDJ850 with DJM-400 for home mixing and Kontrol Z1 with Traktor 3 for everywhere mixing.

Thanks for a lot of helping hands!
You made it possible!

The real Family, Schroomy, Goatroll, Yarsiss, Lars, Uwe und Anja, -Z- (Alpha & Antagon), Ganja (Steve), Kerstin, Nomatic, Muschi, DarkRuss, Seefahrer, Krischka, Geiermeier, Schachmusik, Konstantin, Crux, Phunkjunk, Sun and Moon, Pezoid, CollectorGadget, ShroomHead, Dima, Thomas (THN), 8rAiN3cRo5s1nG, Serenade, Shawnodese, Deflash, Butshi, B. Trøyer, Psy-Events (Lübeck), Isralien (Angelo), Blacklightnature, Gutemine + Antje AHörnchen, Elektronische Wegbegleiter, Arkadius & Li’l Momo, Closed Eye Vision, Meller (Marco Scherer & Mel), Back to Mars, Heribert, VJ Hardy, Funplastica, Eike, GoaKlaus, Der Loth, DiePsyden, Chinaski, Paratox, Galactika, Buddhas Source, Nitram, Lightsphere, Philter, Natara, Synganic, Expanding Conscience, Inch (Christian), Quiosqe, Toksy, Angra Mainyu, Woschi, Toxicaudio, AncientLighteningSystems, Syncron, Bionic, Götzilla, Beathead, s.t.e.v.y, Wobbel77, Teilchenbeschleuniger und das Wimpertier, Sascha Flux, PGM & Ila

enjoy life and the music!